Electricity and network connection

Design services and installation of electrical systems of buildings and constructions of industrial and civil objects are provided.
Electricity and network connection
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Have you built a factory, residential complex, gas station network, commercial real estate? To connect electricity to your facility, you need to visit several authorities, collect many documents. You will waste valuable time and your property will suffer losses for downtime.

EDS Engineering experts have years of experience in this field and repeatedly implement the project on the connection to the power supply housing sector facilities (residential complexes, private homes, cottages), retail chain stores, gas stations, farms, industrial plants, warehouses, workshops, and trade entertainment centers.

Implementation of projects of any complexity for connecting objects to power grids is within our purview.

Connection is guaranteed quickly, reliably, and accurately.

01New connection to power grids
02Increasing consumed electric power
03Terms of accession:

New connection to power grids

Two types of connections are distinguished depending on the power and distance: 

1. Standard connection

There must be implemented 2 conditions for a standard connection:

  • the distance from existing power grids to the points of connection of electrical installations (house or other objects) must not exceed 300 m in a straight line;
  • connection capacity must not exceed 50 kW.

2. Non-standard connection

One of the conditions:

  • the distance in a straight line from the existing power lines to connect the electrical space (house/object) is more than 300 meters (the distance you can see on the map grids);
  • connection capacity exceeds 50 kW.


Increasing consumed electric power

Do you consume more electricity than stipulated in the contract? To avoid automatic power outages, you can increase the contractual capacity.

The increase in electricity capacity allows you to use the required amount of electrical appliances, without fear of problems, failures, knocking out traffic jams and other problems with your power object.

Terms of accession:

  • for temporary connection - 15 working days;
  • connection with a capacity of no more than 150 kW - 6 months;
  • connected capacity of objects does not exceed 670 kW - 1 year.

We will take

Internal electrical work

Internal electrical work
Installation of lightning protection and grounding of buildings

Installation of lightning protection and grounding of buildings
Construction of power lines up to 330 kV

Construction of power lines up to 330 kV
Execution of works on ICS

Execution of works on ICS
Conducting laboratory measurements voltage networks up to 35 kV

Conducting laboratory measurements voltage networks up to 35 kV

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Electricity and network connection
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