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The construction of a new substation or its reconstruction are technically challenging tasks. The quality of work directly affects the safety and comfort of operation of electrical equipment.
Electrotechnical laboratory

Electrotechnical laboratory

EDS-Engineering provides electrical laboratory services practically throughout Ukraine.

Control measurements are carried out by a modern mobile electro technicallaboratory ETL-35K.

Our team has issued more than 3000 protocols during our work which provides the next information:

About technical condition of electrical equipment;

List of devices used for testing;

Results indicating compliance with the RTOCEI standards (rules for the technical operation of consumer electrical installations) and SOU-N EE20.32: 2007 (electrical equipment test standards);

Quality control of the installation of electrical equipment and cable lines.


Our services

01Quality control of the installation of electrical equipment and cable lines
02Post-accident testing of electrical equipment
03Tests of the new electrical equipment before commissioning
04Periodic testing of any power and electrical equipment
Quality control of installation of electrical equipment and cable lines

Testing of cable lines is carried out immediately after installation, before commissioning, and also as a preventive measure to ensure reliable and safe operation.

Electro technical laboratory (ETL) of EDS-ENGINEERING provides quality control services for the installation of electrical equipment and cable lines.

We will check:

  • line integrity;
  • conformity of the cable stage to the stages of the connected section of the electrical installation;
  • insulation covering resistance;
  • the operability of all cable cores and the correctness of their connection simultaneously from both ends of the line.
Post-accident testing of electrical equipment

Any enterprise is a whole range of complex electrical equipment with the idea that its breakdowns lead to serious consequences. Malfunctions can occur in any node, and it is difficult to determine the problem without specialists and additional equipment.

EDS Engineering specialists of the electro technical laboratory (ETL) will perform:

  • post-accident checks to determine the causes of failures or unclear actions of electrical equipment. A conclusion will be issued and a protocol will be drawn up after the end of the tests;
  • elimination of the consequences of electrical equipment failures, which will help to avoid production downtime and losses.

The laboratory has a certificate of technical competence issued by Dniprostandartmetrology (Metrological certification, certificate No. PCh 06-2 / 107-2018) and Permit No. 388.18.30 to perform work of increased danger: testing of electrical equipment with voltage over than 1000 V (up to 330 kV inclusive).

Testing of new equipment before commissioning

The fully completed project, their turn or starting systems should be taken into operation in accordance with applicable legal and regulatory and technical documents.

Electro technical laboratory (ETL) of EDS-ENGINEERING provides testing services for newly installed equipment before commissioning.

Periodic testing of any power and electrical equipment

Electrical engineering is subject to natural wear and tear in the process of work. It is very important to periodically carry out diagnostics, high voltage tests, search for damages and breaks.

It is dangerous to neglect the checks on power cables, transformers and other electrical equipment.

Experts of the Electro technical Laboratory (ETL) of EDS-ENGINEERING provide services of any periodic testing of power and electrical equipment.

We will help with:

  • checking the characteristics of electrical equipment and find out its performance;
  • determining the technical condition of electrical equipment, power and lighting networks;
  • assessing the potential safety and stability of the equipment during the subsequent operation;
  • ensuring the normal power supply of the facility.

Our team

Oleksiy Kolchanov

Head of ETL

Vitaly Zubchenko

Engineer ETL

Nikolay Golikov

Engineer ETL

Our advantages

Speed and quality
We are ready to promptly go to the customer's site for urgent tests
Extensive experience
More than 3,000 issued protocols
Team of experts
A team of professionals with successful experience in providing services to electrical laboratory
Complete set of documents such as
Test report, which has an official status, information on the technical condition of electrical equipment and a list of devices
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