Cable lines

Laying of cables and wires for voltage of 0.4 kV to 35 kV, as well as the reconstruction of cable lines with voltage up to 35 kV.
Cable lines
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Electricity consumption in Ukraine is growing from year to year, which constantly requires laying new transmission lines and upgrade (with an increase in capacity) of available utilities.

The construction of cable lines (CL) is a solution that allows us to initially eliminate all these difficulties and can be implemented in almost any condition. Also is used in the places where it is impossible to use overhead lines or cable as the optimal way to transport electricity to the consumer, according to the technical specifications of the project.

Reconstruction and installation of new cable lines of any voltage

Individual approach for each project



  • We will timely detect defects in the design of the cable sheath and take a responsible approach to its repair;
  • We define the correct mounting terminations, connecting or terminations;
  • We will warm up the cable before laying it at negative temperatures;
  • We will maintain the depth required by the rules for laying cable lines from the planning mark, taking into account the power of communication and the specifics of the installation site (arable land, city streets, transport highways);
  • We will correctly protect cable lines from possible mechanical damage in the future, strictly observing the requirements of the REI in all subtleties and nuances;
  • We always adhere to safety regulations, take into account the "neighborhood" would cut branches with heating pipes, foundations of buildings, railway lines, and other cable lines and pipelines transporting gases and flammable liquids.


  • horizontal drilling for passage railroads and highways HDD method;
  • special maneuverable lifting equipment;
  • devices for mechanical pulling cable (winch);
  • linear and angular clips for fixing it snug when applying;
  • special load-handling devices and measuring devices that control the tension of the cable during laying;

which control the tension of the cable during laying, which is necessary for the construction of cable lines in any conditions and for carrying out all types of work on the arrangement of power supply systems for industrial enterprises and installations, retail chains, gas stations, companies in the agricultural sector, residential complexes and other facilities.

Therefore, our organization will carry out all the processes of arranging cable lines quickly, efficiently, and with a guarantee.

We will take

Design of power line

At this stage, our design engineers receive the terms of reference and other necessary documents, develop a project containing all the necessary calculations and diagrams, the justification for the choice of line elements.

Design of power line
Coordination of design solutions

At this stage, the finished project is consistently approved by several regulatory authorities.

Coordination of design solutions
Installation of lines

This stage includes cable laying, installation of couplings, and other work.

Installation of lines
Carrying out the REI prescribed tests

Measurement of insulation resistance of cable lines, installation capacity, as well as other electrical test and measurement

Carrying out the REI prescribed tests
Connecting the finished line

At this stage, the laid cable line is connected to the network

Connecting the finished line
Implementation of the line into operation

At the last stage, the cable line is received based on test reports and compliance with applicable standards and design documents

Implementation of the line  into operation

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Cable lines
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