Substation 35/10 «Teplichnaya»
Review of "Realty ESTATE" on the design and construction of 35/10 "Teplichnaya"
SPP «Bubnovskaya Slobodka»
Review China Tian Ying Inc on the construction of solar power plants with capacity of 9.99 MW
Transformer substation «Fedorovka»
Review of AT "UKRAINIAN RAILWAY" Regional branch "PRIDNEPROVSKAYA RAILWAY" on the reconstruction of traction substation "Fedorovka"
Substation Porshen`
Review of "Sumioblenergo" on the reconstruction of the 110/10 kV substation Porshen`
SPP «Shirokoe Solar Park»
Review of "WIDE SOLAR PARK" on the implementation of the construction of solar power capacity of 19.9 MW.
Substation Liteynaya
Review "DTEK DNIPROVS'KYI ELECTRICAL" on the partial reconstruction of the substation Liteynaya 150/35/6 kV
SPP "Merefa"
Review of "Alternative Energy Solar Sorses" on a range of construction and installation work on the construction of a solar power plant of 3.9 MW.
SPP "Solen Energy"
Review of "salinity Energy" on the implementation of a range of works on power supply photovoltaic plant with capacity of 19.9 MW.