Electro technical laboratory


Service of SPS

Service of SPS
Electrotechnical laboratory
Service of SPS
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Electro technical laboratory

Control measurements are carried out by a modern mobile electrical laboratory ETL-35K.

The company’s electrical laboratory has been operating for several years. This ensures high speed and quality of the work which is undertaken.

We are offering:

  • a wide range of measurements and tests;
  • a complete set of documents which is based on the results of the inspection test report which has official status;
  • prompt visit to the customer’s site. If urgent tests of electrical equipment are required, we will perform them
  • elimination of detected faults. The faults that are reflected in the protocol will be eliminated by our forces in agreement with the customer.
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Service of SPS

Uninterrupted operation of a solar power station (SPS) depends on the quality of service and the timeliness of preventive maintenance.

EDS-Engineering draws attention to the importance of the service of SPS since diagnosis allows early detection of potential problems, prevents damage to expensive equipment, and complete the shutdown of SPS indefinitely.

Several factors allow us to maintain the solar power station at a high level:

  • The company's employees have experience gained during the construction of complex electrical facilities (including solar power stations).
  • Availability of our own electrical laboratory, which allows for a deep analysis of the condition of the equipment.
  • Direct contact with manufacturers of components of SPS which affects the speed of delivery and repair of the station.
  • We provide service not only for solar power stations which we built ourselves but also for stations that we did not participate in the construction of.
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Electro technical laboratory
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Service of SPS
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