Service SES

EDS-Engineering provides maintenance of industrial solar power stations throughout Ukraine.
Service SES
Service SES

The stable operating of SPS is the key to maximum profit!

The importance of SPS service maintenance:

Minimization of expenses for the maintenance and repair of SPS;

Guaranteed payback of the project by the estimated time;

Prolongs the life of the SPS;

Saving customer time on the facility management.


Our services

02Visual surveillance
03Technical supervision
  • full control that means constant monitoring of all SPS equipment;
  • maintenance of all equipment in working order;
  • checking the modules of bolted connections, switches, contactors;
  • checking the temperature of the power parts of the inverters;
  • checking emergency lighting systems;
  • verification of security systems..
Visual surveillance
  • visual inspection of photovoltaic panels for damage;
  • visual inspection of contact connections;
  • review of buildings and structures for integrity.
Technical supervision
  • thermal imaging of the equipment inspection;
  • maintenance of contact connections of current-carrying parts of the inverter;
  • inverters cleaning from dust and dirt;
  • maintenance of contact connections of power circuits (heavy type);
  • carrying out maintenance TS, checking the oil, checking the damage;
  • an audit of moving and contact parts, high voltage equipment;
  • revision of the moving parts and contact high-voltage equipment;
  • carrying out maintenance disconnectors and earthing;
  • carrying out maintenance vacuum switches;
  • measurement of cable insulation resistance;
  • measurement of resistance grounding circuit.
  • technical inspection report;
  • report on the work of the SPS.

Our advantages

Extensive experience
We have built more than 200 MW SPS so we have the experience you expect from a reliable partner.
Speed and quality
We quickly diagnose the problem and mobilize the team to solve it
Team of experts
EDS has its own mobile electro technical laboratory.
If You have questions, please fill out the feedback form and we will contact You as soon as possible.