13 years of moving only forward!

13 years of moving only forward!


Today EDS Ukraine turns 13 years old.

It is interesting to remember how once the company started with a small office in a 3-room apartment, and now the company has as many as 8 separate business areas:

#EDS_Development-project management in the energy sector
#EDS_Project - Design Center
#EDS_Engineering-EPC-contractor in the construction of energy facilities
#EDS_Power-industrial and logistics hub for the production of electrical panel equipment
#EDS_Service - service company for servicing energy facilities
#EDS_Construction-construction provider
#EDS_Logistic-supplier of logistics solutions and special equipment for construction
#EDS_Infratech-road construction company

Could we then, at the very beginning, imagine that the company would become such? Except in my dreams.

It seems that we have changed – we have become bigger, wiser, more seasoned, more experienced, more skilled. But we always remain true to the main goal — to create innovative solutions for an integrated approach to the client's needs in the field of energy supply and energy. For 13 years now. From the first days of creation to the present. Despite what we've been through in recent years.

This is not to say that these 13 years were easy for us. we faced many difficulties. But every crisis is an opportunity.
What are quarantine and war worth? Not to mention the economic crises that the whole world is constantly talking about. But we came out of quarantine stronger – we learned to work remotely.

War... what can I say? Let's not hide the fact that the staff is very reduced. But we have become more efficient. This is the concentration of actions. Responsibility.
At the same time, our team consists only of the best. Not only as specialists, but also as the most sincere people. People with big hearts. Everyone volunteers. It doesn't matter if it's physical help or money.

Separately, we would like to express our gratitude to our team, all employees for their work, for their dedication and love for the company, and to our customers for their trust!

We are proud to have chosen this path. The path of energy. The way of people who light the light. Light in homes, light in lamps, light in hearts.

And today we are charged with energy for the implementation of the most ambitious projects! We continue to do business dynamically and efficiently, and we have the power to control the electricity that serves people without harming our planet!

We are only moving forward!