A bomb shelter or civil defense facility

A bomb shelter or civil defense facility


New time dictates new rules.

We lived a peaceful life and everything was set up for this factor.

But SAFETY came first.

A bomb shelter or civil defense facility is a special structure designed to protect people from natural disasters, man-made disasters, the consequences of military operations, and weapons of mass destruction.

Perhaps the only opportunity now is to restore their usual life and ensure the rescue of the civilian population in their buildings, in educational institutions, at work.

They are in every settlement, but during peaceful life they came to an unsatisfactory state. The population also increased. And the number of available bomb shelters no longer matches the existing demand.


The construction direction EDS UKRAINE is ready for active actions in providing the civilian population with civil defense storage facilities, namely:

✅ we will carry out the reconstruction of existing bomb shelters;

✅ build new bomb shelters;

✅ we modernize basements for bomb shelters.


In our work, we adhere to the basic requirements for civil defense repositories:

  • - constructive solutions according to DBN;
  • - autonomous and mechanical ventilation and heating systems;
  • - water supply and sewerage with water storage tanks;
  • - power supply with additional installation of autonomous systems;
  • - communication in the form of a telephone input and a radio broadcasting point;
  • - spare entrances / exits.

In peacetime, you can use these premises for commercial and domestic purposes: a warehouse, ateliers, workshops, cafes, shops, gyms, etc.

Don't delay! Take care of your peace and the peace of the people around you: employees, children, families.