Construction of the Sports Complex Sports City

Construction of the Sports Complex Sports City


Both in the heat and in the bitter cold. How do you work?

Behind every construction project is the hard work of ordinary workers. Which create new objects of architecture that amaze our eyes with their beauty. Who among us does not like to admire buildings that fascinate us and inspire us?

And in our case, the guys are still investing a part of themselves in the future development of sports. After all, we are for the fact that the nation of Ukrainians
became even stronger! This is where daily activity is essential.

The EDS-Ukraine team is happy to be involved in such important processes.
Somehow we started earning money and for three whole months you have not been told about the construction of Sports City SC.


  1. The pace of construction of the sports arena is maintained.
  2. To date, the frame of the sports part is already 95% built.
  3. The walls of the basement floor of the administrative building began to be poured with concrete.
  4. The foundation of the hotel and retail part of the project has already been poured.

It must also be remembered that the winter period of construction is one of the most difficult. We must take care of
special materials and technology.


  1. The concrete we use is with special frost-resistant additives.
  2. Before performing concrete work in a monolithic structure, we close up special wires to organize the heating of concrete.
  3. Warming up is carried out using a special transformer with a power of 80 kW, powered by a PTS of the Module series
    produced by EDS Power. Mounted to provide power to the construction site during the construction period.

Building a better future!