Do you know what the characters look like?

Do you know what the characters look like?


Do you know what the characters look like?

"Well, of course," you might think.

Because almost everyone has relatives and friends who defend our country today, not to mention the fact that each of us looks at the hero in the mirror every day.

But today we are talking about other heroes. About our heroes – family members EDS Ukraine.
About those brave guys who restore electric power facilities that the enemy destroys every day. About those guys who work side by side with us and today are almost on the contact line. For good reasons, we don't announce the name of the item.

We've been working for a week now. We dismantle, install, and repair the equipment of the VSP TPP after damage from enemy artillery. Disconnectors, oil switches, flexible busbars, metal structures – orcs are trying to destroy everything.

They dismantled 2 damaged and assembled one whole 110 kV disconnector, replaced the high-voltage inputs and overhauled the 110 kV oil switch, dismantled the damaged one and installed another 6/0.4 KV transformer to ensure the operation of the turbine unit,which provides the city with heat and water.

There is a lot of damage and arrives at the station regularly. The ground is shaking from events on the contact line around the clock.


But there is still a lot of work to be done. Diverse.

Personally, our blood freezes in our veins, and our hearts overflow with delight at such bravery and bravery. We are sincerely grateful to you guys for your work and your courage!

Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine! 💙 💛

Glory to the power engineers! 💡

Everything will be Ukraine! ⚡