EDS-PM. Project finalization

EDS-PM. Project finalization


At the stage of finalization and completion, the following is carried out:

✅ analysis of work performed;
✅ preparation of executive documentation;
✅ instructing the customer's personnel about the features of operation.

It is very important to complete the project correctly and complete all the necessary items. If you do not do all the necessary points, what will it lead to?

If the object has started working, and the Customer does not know how to use it, then he will constantly pull you for a long time until he learns.

If you do not transfer all operational documentation, do not sign the relevant acts of acceptance and transfer of documentation, all acts for hidden work and installation, and the like, then in the event of a breakthrough or damage, you will not be able to prove anything. And each time you will need to go and do all this work at your own expense, restore everything. All this takes precious attention and time and worsens the attitude of the Customer towards you.

It happens that something happens on the object. And it can be the fault of others. And the Customer immediately turns to you as a Contractor and can accuse you of poor quality work.

If you build relationships correctly and competently from the very beginning and complete them correctly, including documented ones, all this can be tracked and protected.