EDS-Project - we don't stand still

EDS-Project - we don't stand still


We haven't shared news about EDS_Project for a long time, but meanwhile the guys are not far behind, and are working on about 70 projects.

Among these projects there are objects under the DTEK investment program for 2022.

Also, the guys are working tirelessly to restore our Ukraine and design the reconstruction of substations on the railway, which were destroyed as a result of enemy rocket attacks.

We are proud of them and the opportunity to be involved in the development of our country!

Well, the architectural and construction section is also not far behind and is actively working on the object of the new construction of a sports complex with a playground SK Sports City.

Currently, the EDS_Project team is still planning to work on a project for the overhaul of a medical institution in the city of Dnipro and is in the process of signing an agreement.

So soon we will share more good new ones with you.