Project phases. What it is?

Project phases. What it is?


In addition to processes, there are also project phases.
What it is? How are they different from project processes?

Project phases are sets of tasks formed according to a certain attribute, which are characterized by a unique technology and have their own completed stages.

In the case of our company, the construction of any facility has the following phases:

  1. pre-project studies;
  2. design;
  3. building;
  4. commissioning works;
  5. commissioning.

That is, the phases of the project characterize certain technological areas and how we move from one to another as the project is being implemented. In addition, we cannot jump from one phase to another or skip any phase.

And the project management processes that we talked about: initialization, planning, organization of work, monitoring and control, finalization - they can be at each phase. More-less.