We manufacture equipment

We manufacture equipment


We continue the series of publications about the products offered by the EDS group.

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Electrical switchboard equipment of a wide range of application is presented in the product line: from low-voltage devices to distribution cabinets and boards for medium and high voltage.

Among our partners are ABB, Eaton, ETI, Siemens, Schneider Electric.

RZiA (Relay Protection and Emergency Automation)

Relay protection and automation devices of RZiA are designed to protect against short-circuits, overloads and other abnormal modes of high-voltage power transmission lines, power transformers (autotransformers), reactors, bus-bars and bus-bar apparatuses of power plants and substations of 35-500 kV. The range is represented by protection cabinets, direct-current power cabinets, terminal boards.


Main distribution board up to 1000 A. This series is designed to distribute electrical energy in industrial enterprises or in large shopping centers – where is a need to transfer electrical energy to a large number of consumers. Ideal as a replacement for the main distribution board GRShch.


System of input-distribution cabinets up to 4000 A. A compact modern solution for 0.4 kV switchgears of transformer substations. It can be used both independently and as part of a switchgear. Ideal as a replacement for panels of input-distribution board ShchO-90.


MVC medium voltage chambers are used for receiving, metering, protection and distribution of electrical energy in 6-10 kV indoor switchgears. Ideal as a replacement for single-end service assembled chamber KSO.


Multifunctional input-switching device up to 630 A. It is made in the form of a monoblock and combines five electrotechnical functions.

The most compact device with such functionality in Ukraine. Ideal as a replacement for input-switching device VRU.

KTP (packaged transformer substation) of M1 series

Packaged transformer substations of M1 series of medium voltage 6 (10) /0.4 kV, with a rated power from 25 to 160 kVA.

Supplied in the form of all-welded framework of full factory readiness.

The package includes the following compartments: power transformer compartment, 0.4 kV RUNN (low voltage switchgear) compartment, 6 (10) kV UVN (high voltage device) compartment.

KTP (packaged transformer substation) of MODULE series

Packaged transformer substations of Module series of medium voltage 6 (10) /0.4 kV, with a rated power from 250 to 1600 kVA.  Supplied in the form of compartments-modules, each of which can be swapped and add new modules, that allows to change the KTP (packaged transformer substation) scheme during operation.

Production facilities are certified according to the international standard ISO 9001: 2015. All equipment has certificates of quality.