Reconstruction of networks "Dnipromlyn"

Reconstruction of networks "Dnipromlyn"


Monday is good news time. Yes, so that the charge of energy is enough for the whole week!

We held a meeting with representatives of one of the largest enterprises in the flour industry in Ukraine - DNEPROMLYN.
We discussed the prospects for cooperation, showed our EDS-Power production capacities, which pleasantly surprised and inspired, we hope, future partners.

And they inspired us in turn. For there is a steady understanding that it is enough to wait - you need to act. Act now and implement the planned.

Recall that the company's policy is a personal acquaintance of customers with EDS Ukraine. Our facilities, offices, people.
Why is that?
Because we have something to be proud of, something to show and something to pleasantly surprise. We have always set the European level in our work as our goal and now it is a very great value and, as it is already clear, the right vector of movement has been chosen.

We continue to act and keep everything under control.