Technical reconstruction of 110/35/6 kv “NOVORAISKAIA” SS

Technical reconstruction of 110/35/6 kv “NOVORAISKAIA” SS


It will take a long time to find out since when the Ukrainian energy industry is underfunded.

However, the essence remains the same: today the majority of domestic electrical substations have exhausted their resources long ago and do not meet modern technical equipment, safety and reliability requirements yet.

Unfortunately, this was the fate of the 110/35/6 kV “Novoraiskaia” substation of DTEK “Donetsk Electrical Grids”, the 35 kV ORU (outdoor switchgear) of which has been in operation for a long time.

During this period, the equipment became obsolete both morally and physically, therefore, in order to continue the further efficient operation of the substation, work on its technical re-equipment is required.

At the moment, #EDS_Engineering, which is part of the EDS energy group, is carrying out the process of dismantling outdated equipment: at a height - ground wire and tension insulators, on the ground - oil circuit breakers and outdoor cabinets.

Photo confirmation, of course, is provided.

We are eager to compare “before” and “after”!