Grand opening of a new SPP in Dnipro region

Grand opening of a new SPP in Dnipro region


This is a 5.25 MW solar power station in the urban-type settlement of Mezhova, Dnipro region, opened on the lands and with the powerful assistance of the Mezhova territorial community under the leadership of its Head Volodymyr Zrazhevskyi.

In fact, the facility has been generating electricity at a "green" tariff since the beginning of November, but the importance of such an undertaking for the community was decided to be emphasized today. Such facilities show the serious investment potential of lands owned by territorial communities in Ukraine and become real examples of how it is possible to establish mutually beneficial partnership between OTH (amalgamated territorial community) and business.

By the way, this SPS is the first stage of a large-scale project that we plan to implement in Dnipropetrovsk oblast.

The technical parameters of the new SPS, built in the EPC format by the EDS team, are as follows:

inverter power – 5.25 MW

number of photovoltaic panels – 23872 pcs. with a unit power of 285 W

number of Huawei grid-tie inverters – 30 pcs. with a unit power of 185 kW

number of packaged transformer substations – 3 KTP 2000 kVA.