We see the prospect. EDS lit the alley in Dnipro

We see the prospect. EDS lit the alley in Dnipro


Employees of EDS-ENGINEERING using their own resources made one of Dnipro alleys lighter.

Against the backdrop of quarantine, everyone now has an increased demand for positive. We have a little, want to share. Recall the story that was realized in March – in honor of the 10th anniversary of EDS company. Several employees decided to break with the tradition: do not wait for gifts, but made a gift by their own, both to the company, to themselves and their hometown.

We lit one of Dnipro alleys, which is located near our office. Each of the indifferent employees pooled their wages for one working day, and the company doubled this amount. As a result, we bought 15 energy-saving lighting fixtures of 85 watts each and with the help of specialists of public utility company KP «Mis'ksvitlo» installed them on existing supports in the area of Pobeda-6 (behind cafe «Fantaziya»).


And our long-standing partners from SVITLOTEK company helped us in implementing this idea — they are the ones who sold us the cool fixtures with German diodes VOSSLOH SCHWABE They promise that fixtures will shine for sure for at least five years.

Many thanks to all-all-all who responded! Friends, it was really very cool.

We pass the challenge for good deeds to you, friends!

Let's make our city brighter together!