Happy Defenders of Ukraine Day!

Happy Defenders of Ukraine Day!


Today, Ukraine celebrates such an important holiday for each of us - the Day of Defenders of Ukraine. This holiday was introduced in 2014 after all known events in order to honor the courage and heroism of the defenders of the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine, the military traditions and victories of the Ukrainian people, to further strengthen the patriotic spirit in society and to support public initiative.

This year we understand that each of us is the Defender or Defender of Ukraine. That's right, with a capital letter. Today, everyone in their place defends the independence and territorial integrity of our state: the one who is at the front, and the one who continues to work, and the one who creates jobs, and the one who volunteers and donates to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and just the one who who believe in our victory and uphold the morale of others.

Also today they celebrate the Day of the Ukrainian Cossacks. The Cossack spirit is an inseparable part of every Ukrainian. This is something that cannot be destroyed by anything, our DNA. This year, each of us manifested the power that was inside, which we ourselves could not have guessed. Today, each of us shows that we, brothers, are of the Cossack family!

EDS Ukraine continues to work, create jobs and restore our country, despite the fact that some of the employees went to the front and literally protect us. The guys who continue to work in the field today are the rear! The rear, which every day does not give up and does everything possible and impossible! Today we are all united as never before and together we bring our victory closer!

Happy holiday! Everything will be Ukraine!💙💛