The end of the year. Now is the time when most people take stock and give gifts to their loved ones. Here we are with some results and gifts.

This year, EDS Ukraine launched a new rubric in which we share our experience, and for which we receive EDS-PM's words of gratitude. We are very pleased that this information finds such a response from our subscribers and we are grateful for your trust. In the meantime, we recall what we have already talked about.

Project management is one of the key areas of work for any company. It is important to remember that usually
Almost all departments work on the project, so it is important that all of them understand the basic principles of project management.

We have already considered:
✅ the concept of the project and its main differences from current activities;
✅ what does a project manager do and what is the difference between a manager and an administrator;
✅ key personal qualities and professional competencies of a manager;
✅ the importance of planning and the mistakes that managers most often make, especially at the beginning of their journey;
✅ processes containing each project and project phases;
✅ features of monitoring and control as one of the most important processes /

How about no gifts? We are pleased to announce that all published materials can be obtained in one PDF file and used as a guide!

📄 The file can be downloaded from the link