EDS-PM. Negotiations during the project

EDS-PM. Negotiations during the project


One of the key competencies for a project manager is the ability to negotiate: understanding the term of partner negotiations, understanding complex negotiations, and the ability to work with various manipulative techniques that the counterparty can use against him.

The post-Soviet space is characterized by negotiations, when customers can put pressure on authority, reducing the cost, and our businessmen, afraid of losing the order, not wanting to defend and argue their price, reduce it. But we must remember that by reducing the price, these funds will need to be saved on something, and this will affect the quality of the product!

In 90% of cases, defending the cost of their work leads to the fact that the contractor either remains at its level or the cost decreases, but not significantly, and this has reason. And the customer must provide these grounds.

Some believe that a compromise should be sought. But a compromise means that both sides have conceded and both sides are not satisfied, but the "Win-win" strategy is a joint search for a solution that is beneficial for all parties. Therefore, in our opinion, the best strategy for negotiations is "Win – win". Because everyone wins.

By the way, when the customer agrees to a reasonable cost, it demonstrates the level of trust in the performer and it is this trust that makes the performer grow and meet the level.