Monitoring during project implementation

Monitoring during project implementation


At the beginning of a career, project managers often wait until the end of a certain task to check on the status of its completion, but monitoring and control should be done from the second day the project starts. So to speak, speed up the process from the very beginning.

Equally important in this process is performance evaluation. At the same time, it is only necessary to evaluate actually performed amount of work, rather than listening to performers who have this task to perform.

For example, there is a task and a deadline: to make 10 tables for solar panels in 10 days. That is, in 1 day you need to make 1 table. What does a manager do? He formulates the task of the performer, he accepts it. 2 days pass, 0 tables made. And in this case, it will be a huge mistake to listen to the one who was supposed to complete the task.

When monitoring, you need to be impartial and look at the statistics. Do not rely on the promises of a person who has let you down from the very beginning. But it is equally important to know the real performance of your resources.

And remember that monitoring and control are constantly running background processes.