EDS-PM. Improvisation during project implementation

EDS-PM. Improvisation during project implementation


As we said, there is quite a lot of uncertainty at the beginning of the project implementation. And in the process of implementing the project, much certainty is not added. Some might say that the project is pure improvisation, right? Well, when a manager does not have any experience and relevant competencies, then of course, this is improvisation. But it's actually quite scary.

When we talk about improvisation, high-quality improvisation is rather based on a large amount of experience. When you already understand what will happen if you do this and what will happen if you do it differently.

Because if you constantly act at random, then you can already talk about the fearlessness of the manager, and perhaps some stupidity, which the manager should still have at the beginning of his career path. Because without these qualities, he will not be able to make mistakes and gain his own experience if he does not have the appropriate knowledge.

You can even say that "knowing how not to work" is already a cool competence that is acquired only with time and experience.

But you can also learn from others ' experience and learn from their mistakes.