Plan is important and necessary tool in daily work

Plan is important and necessary tool in daily work


Planning is a very important step in the implementation of any project.

One of the mistakes that managers often make is treating planning as a formality. So to speak, "because the director requires" or "as it is written in the job description."
They make a work plan formally, put it in a folder and ... forget about it.

Time passes. The plan is not permanent. As already mentioned, a project is, so to speak, a process with a certain degree of uncertainty. Is always. Any factor that has changed, and there are always many such factors in any project, can affect the change in the schedule.

And a very interesting situation emerges. A week goes by and everything seems to be going according to plan. Passes two – too all more or less. A month passes, and the project is 3 months old, and what is there? And there it's not like that at all. There, all the processes have shifted and everything has changed.

And here is a typical mistake that a manager can make - he simply moves the plan. And it does it quite linearly. Instead of somehow solving the problem, changing the schedule so that the deadline does not change, the manager simply moves the entire schedule as a whole. And then there's another problem, and another, and another...

All this often leads to the fact that under the contract we have one term, and we do not have time. But you can't break deadlines. And then what do we do at the end of the project in the last two weeks? Yes, we work seven days a week, we attract additional resources, we do everything possible to solve these problems.

Therefore, remember that the plan is an important and necessary tool in daily work!