Processes that contain every project

Processes that contain every project


What are the processes involved in each project?

The first process, which is always in the project, from which the project begins, is initialization. Initialization is the definition of a specific goal, key parameters that affect the result, external factors, project stakeholders.

An important part of the initialization is the definition of the project team. Because great things are not done on your own!

The next process is planning. The planning process includes planning terms, resources, money. Often planning also includes the formation of a specific list of interrelated tasks.
The plan for the manager is a working tool. It should be remembered that planning is 50% of all work. At this step, it is fundamentally correct to allocate resources and evaluate all tasks.

A bad plan is one that is not used! In addition, the plan always needs to be adjusted as the work progresses!

The next process is the process of doing the work itself. This includes the formulation of tasks to specific responsible persons and the coordination of responsible persons in their implementation.

A very important group of processes is monitoring and control. It is important that monitoring and control should be carried out from the first days of the project! These processes are background, they must always be carried out.

The last processes are finalization and completion. Here, the analysis of the work performed, the preparation of as-built documentation, and the instruction of the customer's personnel about the features of operation are carried out. It is very important to complete the project correctly and complete all the necessary items.

The main thing to understand is that all these processes cannot be missed. If it seems that you can simplify something by skipping, then in fact you will just add work to yourself in the following steps.