Professional competencies of a project manager

Professional competencies of a project manager


What professional competencies should a project manager have?

Mandatory for the manager is knowledge of the industry in which the project is being implemented. After all, if there is no basic knowledge in this area, then it will be very difficult for the manager. After all, we cannot appoint a physician to manage a project for the construction of a solar power plant. Or energy to run a clinic.

Secondly, it is very important for a manager to understand the technology of project implementation. That is, he must clearly understand what processes are carried out in the project.

Another important competence for a manager is the ability to use modern management tools that facilitate the task of management. Without this, today, given the speed with which everything is changing in the world, it is simply impossible to manage a large project and make timely and accurate decisions, since there will not be enough data. Such tools include Excel, Microsoft Project, various ERP systems and other software systems.

An important aspect of the professional qualities of a manager is the ability to negotiate. Knowledge of negotiation technologies, understanding of various negotiation technologies and strategies, the ability to work with various manipulative techniques that the counterparty can use - this is important for a manager.

By the way, in our opinion, the best strategy for negotiations is win-win. Because everyone wins. The “Win-win” strategy is a common search for a solution that is beneficial for all parties.

Of course, much more can be added, but these are the main key professional competencies of a project manager. There are very few of them.