What is the difference between a manager and an administrator

What is the difference between a manager and an administrator


And what does a project manager do? What is the difference between manager and administrator?

The company's work is often based on so-called integrated orders, when it is necessary to solve any problem completely: from beginning to end. For example, build a solar power station or lay a line. At the same time, the customer has only a land plot and that's it. That is, there is a task that includes all stages: starting from design, construction, purchase, adjustment, etc.

The project manager must know about these processes! The project manager is the main person within the project. It was he who was appointed responsible for achieving the goal.

In general, if we talk about the key competencies of a manager, then they can be divided into 2 parts: personal and professional.

Management and administration - what is the difference?

You can say both about management.
Administration is more formal, more systematic and orderly. The administrator acts according to clear instructions.

But management is a bit about another. It is possible to say that management is the management of variables. Administration is the management of ordered, regulated, understandable processes.

The manager often acts in conditions of uncertainty. The manager manages processes, people, tasks in constantly changing conditions. If a person successfully performs these functions in such conditions, then we are talking about management.

Today, many people use the word manager when it is not about it at all, thereby devaluing this concept. They simply do not understand the meaning of this word.

In our opinion, the manager is a very responsible and smart person. This is a leader who can solve different tasks in the conditions of uncertainty. Therefore, for us, management sounds proud!