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Construction of solar power plants for your personal needs for business
Construction of solar power plants for your personal needs for business
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A solar power plants for own consumption is an adapted grid-connected solar station using a smart meter that limits the flow of energy into the electrical grid. Such a SPP does not include batteries in its operation scheme, that is why it is not expensive at the initial stage and at the same time it does not require additional investments in the future to replace equipment in the next 20 years. The payback period of a SPP for your personal needs is from 4 to 6 years.

The plant is necessary for enterprises that want:

  • be energy efficient and thereby reduce the share of administrative costs;
  • be more autonomous and reduce dependence on imports of traditional energy resources;
  • increase the quality and stability of electricity;
  • increase the capacity of facility while not overpaying for the connection to the power grid;
  • independently meet the business needs in “clean” electricity and develop modern “clean” alternative energy technologies

Owing to the SPP, you can fix the electricity tariff 1 UAH/kWh. To date, enterprises pay for traditional energy on average 5 hryvnia per 1 kWh.

And the price is constantly growing. As a result - an increase in fixed costs and a decrease in business profitability.

SPP for personal needs are perfect for gas stations, commercial and residential complexes, office buildings, manufacturing enterprises, hangars, warehouses, distribution centers.

01Solution for gas stations
02Solution for commercial and residential complexes, office buildings
03Solution for manufacturing enterprises

We offer a solution for both large and small network gas stations.

To date, such gas stations as OKKO, KLO are already implementing “green technologies” and this is a part of the global energy efficiency strategy.

It also makes it possible to cover about 80% of energy consumption at the expense of alternative sources, which leads to a reduction in fixed costs.

The energy efficiency of commercial, office and residential complexes allows you to reduce costs and is a competitive advantage for the landlord (there are savings on utility bills, compared with traditional energy).

The public image is enhancing, since in modern realities, a conscious attitude to the planet is no longer just a trend, but the norm

Investments in SPP allow enterprises to reduce the cost of production costs. Accordingly, the profitability of the business increases

We will take

Expert opinion

Examination of the building by an expert and Issuing a conclusion that the existing structure can withstand additional load.

Expert opinion

We are preparing a feasibility study that will allow us to develop an optimal design solution for the Customer. All project documentation is worked out in full compliance with the national standards of DSTU (ДСТУ), SNiP (СНиП) and ISO standards, which allows our projects to be easily and quickly approved by the relevant regulatory authorities.

Installation works

Purchase and delivery of equipment and materials to the facility, after which installation works of photovoltaic modules (PV modules) and inverters are carried out.

Installation works
Commissioning of the facility

After commissioning of facility and signing of the delivery-acceptance certificate, our specialists train the customer's staff in the technicalities of SPP maintenance. Moreover, our specialists are always in touch and will advise you.

Commissioning of the facility

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Construction of solar power plants for your personal needs for business