Industrial solar power station

Design and construction of solar power stations of high power. Maintenance and service of industrial SPS with a capacity of 1 MW to 1 GW
Industrial solar power station
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We provide a full range of services for the construction of solar power stations

We work in the following formats:

EPC Plus means that we work from the development of land for a solar power station and the analysis of its economic efficiency to the maintenance of the facility.

EPC -means that we take over full control of the construction of a solar power station with guaranteed obligations.

EPCM means joint work with the Client and contractors with the distribution of responsibilities.

Investments per 1 MW of capacity - from 650 000 euros

SPS with a capacity of 1 MW makes a profit of about 4 million UAH. year

The construction period SPS 1 MW is less than 1 months



  • The package of documents on the land plot;
  • Contract for connection to the electrical distribution network;
  • Technical connection specifications (TC);
  • Project documentation and calculation of the photofield;
  • Declaration on the beginning of construction work;
  • PPA contract with a "Guaranteed Buyer";
  • Preparing to auctions for projects of more than 1 MW;
  • Green tariff for projects less than 1 MW.


  • Development of technical project (TP);
  • Geological and geodetic surveys;
  • Development of all sections of project documentation;
  • Development of construction documents;
  • Coordination of design and estimate documentation;
  • Field supervision and technical advice during the implementation of the project.


  • Full cycle of logistics of the necessary equipment;
  • We work directly with manufacturers on partnership agreements;
  • We have own production of switchboard equipment.


  • Management of the construction process;
  • We use a special system of tables for the photovoltaic module, which allows us to maximize the number of photovoltaic modules per unit area. This solution allows to increase the scale of electricity production while reducing the area of SPS;
  • Availability of own fleet of special equipment;
  • Quality control and reporting.


  • Preparation of all documents for entry into operation of SPS;
  • Submission of a declaration to the State Insurance Agency;
  • Obtaining a declaration of readiness of the facility and connection to the power grid;
  • Obtaining a license;
  • Tests of the Automated system of commercial electricity metering;
  • Approval of the "green tariff";
  • Membership in the wholesale electricity market.


  • Monitoring of the technical condition and safe operation of SPS systems;
  • Ground maintenance of SPS;
  • Security escorts;
  • Accounting support.

We will take

Development of feasibility study

We determine the optimal scheme that takes into consideration all technical requirements and economic indicators that provide reliable transmission. We simulate various situations to select the optimal result and determine the means to achieve it with its help.

Development of feasibility study
Development of design documentation

All project documentation is worked out in full compliance with state standards DSTU, SNiP, and ISO standards, which allows our projects to easily and quickly pass approval in the relevant regulatory authorities.

Development of design documentation
SPS construction

We use a special system of shelving (tables), which allows you to maximize the number of installed photovoltaic modules per unit area during construction. This solution will allow the plant to maximize the scale of electricity production.

SPS construction
Approval of "green tariff"

We have significant experience in implementing projects aimed at making a profit from the sale of electric energy at a "green" tariff.

Approval of
Joining Networks

We take care of all the hassles of going through all the stages of the process of connecting objects to electric networks. Our experts have many years of experience in this area and have repeatedly implemented the most complex projects for connecting to power grids.

Joining Networks

Projects on the map

eds Engineering
128 142 MW/year
Produced electricity
220 MW
SPS built
11 MW
SPS owned by EDS
96 711 tons
Reduced CO2 emissions
84,59 MW
In the process of implementation

Our advantages

Expert approach
We have a team of professionals with successful experience in building industrial solar power stations since 2010
3D modelling
There is an opportunity to visualize the future SPS with a full range of materials, specifications, as well as checking the model for errors
Building on our own
A large private fleet of equipment and a staff of specialists allows us to build an object of any complexity with minimal involvement of contractors
SPP «Shirokoe Solar Park»
Review of "WIDE SOLAR PARK" on the implementation of the construction of solar power capacity of 19.9 MW.
SPP "Lybid"
Review of "LYBID Development" on the implementation of a range of construction and installation work on the construction of a solar power plant with capacity of 2 MW.
SES «Sun Energy»
SES «Alanta Energy»
Review of «Alanta Energy» on the implementation of a range of construction and installation work on the construction of a solar power plant with capacity of 2 MW.
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Industrial Solar Power
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