Electrical substations

The construction of a new substation or its reconstruction is technically challenging tasks. The quality of the jobs directly dependent on the safety and comfort of the operation of electrical equipment.
Electrical substations
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It represents the substation installation for converting electric power and distribution between users. It is used to supply power to any object from residential complexes and shopping centers to huge factories, railway traction substations, and wind farms.

Advantages of electrical substation:

1. To reduce power losses;
2. To use the electrical equipment of increased reliability, allowing quick replacement;
3. To implement the deep input high voltage "load center";
4. Consistency of voltage at the consumer.

Construction of electrical substations of voltage classes from 10 to 330 kV.

The modernization of the electrical substation helps to avoid financial costs in the event of a lack of connection capacity.

01The preparatory phase
03Purchase of equipment

The preparatory phase

Depending on the wishes of the customer we define the format of cooperation: EPC, EPC+ or EPCM.

EPC — a classic implementation of the project "turnkey", when the company assumes full control of construction progress and commitments to build a power substation.

EPC Plus, in addition, which implies it is the EPCincludes:

  • selection of a land plot from our database;
  • registration of all necessary permits, including property rights and obtaining technical specifications for land;
  • calculation of economic efficiency of future substation;

EPCM means the performance of individual units of work on the project when the customer and general contractor co-manage the project with coordination of actions.


A project is required for the reconstruction and construction of electrical substations, which reflects the engineering solutions of the facility, as well as the equipment used, therefore, the design of an electrical substation takes place in several stages:

  • development of technical specifications (TS);
  • analysis of the existing substation and the collection of all its data (if available);
  • the actual development of the project and working documentation;
  • approval of the finished project;
  • examination of the project and preparation of as-built documentation;
  • transfer of the agreed documentation to the customer.

Purchase of equipment

We carry out the process of purchasing equipment. We produce the switchboard equipment ourselves, under the EDS trademark, which significantly affects the total cost of the entire substation. Our equipment has been tested many times already in the constructed facilities.

The equipment required for construction of the SS:

  • power transformers;
  • protection and switching equipment;
  • measuring transformers;
  • bus devices;
  • automatic control devices.


Full construction of substations or their reconstruction is carried out, usually in several stages:

  • site preparation with the arrangement or installing foundation support members;
  • preparation of communication trenches for laying the ground loop, power and control cables;
  • equipping the substation fence;
  • construction of substations and laying of fasteners according to approved technology;
  • installation of lighting and ventilation systems, installation of the grounding;
  • installation and fixing of the substation;
  • laying of electrical networks and electric line;
  • installation and connection of equipment;
  • all mounting arrangements are checked for serviceability and manufactured commissioning costs.


The fulfillment of all requirements and provisions of RTO, REI, state building codes and standards, technological design norms, state supervision rules, safety regulations, explosion and fire safety, compliance with the requirements and instructions of manufacturers, instructions for equipment installation are checked before commissioning.

We will take

Development of feasibility study

We determine the optimal scheme that takes into consideration all technical requirements and economic indicators that provide reliable transmission. We simulate various situations to select the optimal result and determine the means to achieve it with its help.

Development of feasibility study
Drafting of construction documents

All project documentation is processed in full compliance with the requirements of all applicable standards, regulations, and rules, thereby significantly reducing the total time from the start of design to the commissioning of the substation.

Drafting of construction documents
 Сonstruction of SS

Due to a modern construction management system and competent engineering and technical supervision, the construction of new substations is carried out much faster and better.

 Сonstruction of SS
Service of operated facilities

Highly qualified electrical laboratory specialists provide services for the maintenance of transformer substations. We carry out all work in strict compliance with safety and fire safety regulations.

Service of operated facilities

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Our advantages

Expert approach
We are a team of professionals with successful experience in the reconstruction of electrical substations since 2010
3D modelling
Visualization of the future substation helps to give it an aesthetic look with a full quantity of materials, specifications as well as checking the model for errors. That allows us to eliminate possible inaccuracies when using non-standard components and equipment.
Electrical equipment of our own production
We use the EDS trademark electrical equipment for our production. The supply of relay protection and automation panels, remote control, as well as blocks of high-voltage switches, takes place with assembled equipment at our production facilities.
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